Overview: Computers

Hello students! Welcome to Computer Concepts. Whether you’re struggling or you simply want to stay ahead in the subject of mathematics, this twelve-week course is designed for you. We will use iLearn 2015-2016 to help you reach your goals. iLearn is a suite of education tools designed to help teachers teach and students learn math in elementary, middle, and high school. iLearn can include several programs that allow access to iLearn content in varying ways. The programs are iPass, MyQ, iKnow, vBook and ThinkFast! You will find a description of each of these programs on the iLearn website. In addition to improving your math skills, we will learn basic keyboarding, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Students will…

  • Increase keyboarding accuracy and speed.
  • Increase pre-algebra and algebra math skills.
  • Improve knowledge of computer applications required to be competitive in academic and career arenas.