Advancement via Individual Determiniation

What is AVID?

AVID is a regularly scheduled yearlong elective class that prepares students with academic potential for success in college.  It is slightly different than the introduction to AVID class that is only a quarter of the year.


What are AVID student expectations?

AVID students are expected to maintain at least a “C” average in scholarship and citizenship, to study a minimum of two hours per night, and to enroll in college preparatory classes.  The AVID student’s goal is to enroll in a four-year university.  A potential AVID student must apply to the program.


What are AVID parent expectations?

AVID parents are expected to encourage their students to achieve academically, to maintain regular contact with the site AVID coordinator and to become involved in the activities of the AVID program.


What happens in the AVID program?

The AVID program is three pronged:

  1. students receive academic instruction in writing and in the following skills – notetaking, studying, test taking and organization;
  2. students receive academic support from college tutors through collaborative groups and peer counseling;
  3. students are motivated to pursue academic excellence through cultural and college field trips, classroom guest speakers, and AVID team building.


How do you recognize an AVID student?

The AVID student carries a notebook, takes notes in all classes, is prepared for class, is a positive role model for others, and is “on-track” for college.


What are AVID results?

92.8% of AVID graduates in California have enrolled in college.  After two years, 89% of those who started college are still in college!