The Sam Brannan Middle School Band Boosters
FAQs and some other stuff

The first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.
Location:  The band room (subject to change if there are band conflicts).
Who:  All parents are expected/encouraged to attend. Your help and input are appreciated.

Parent help is VITAL to keep the quality of music education program at such a high level. The Boosters are a non-profit organization of parent volunteers. Our purpose is to support the Band program by raising funds, organizing events, and coordinating volunteers. The money raised by the Band Boosters is used to buy instruments, music, accessories, and pay for professional instructors. 

Why are donations important?
It is incredibly expensive to run a band program – especially a great program like Sam Brannan’s Band program. Expenses include: buying music and accessories, purchasing instruments, repairing instrument, etc. In the past, parents have willingly donated time, money, and resources to help maintain this quality program. Sam Brannan Middle School is the largest and most well respected Middle School Band in the school district. It is only through parental assistance this valuable program is possible. While the district meets the basic needs of the program, the community of parents and students demand a program that performs well beyond the average middle school band.


What are the benefits of my being involved in the Sam Brannan Band Boosters?
The Boosters are committed to giving students a great middle school experience.  Parents benefit by building long-term friendships, keeping up with their child’s progress, and learning about band activities.  Parents also have an opportunity to meet with and interact with school administrators and teachers.


Band Communications
1)        Campus portal:
2)        Facebook:
Parents are able to access the Booster Facebook page without signing up for a Facebook account.
3)        Mr. Jeremy Hammond school email:
4)        After school instructor is available to meet individuals.


Helpful links:


Helpful apps:

Theory app
metronome app
tuners app


Alternative rental options

Tim’s Band Instrument Services:
2812 Marconi Ave. Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 925-9160

Kline Music:
2200 Sutterville Rd. Sacramento, CA 95822
(916) 456-8742

Watermelon Music
207 E St. Davis, CA 95616
(530) 758-4010