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Report an Absence

Call the attendance office at (916) 395-5360 ext. 1 or fill out the form below. If no call is made or the online form is not used, a note is required to clear the absence. All absences will be verified. If an absence is not cleared within 3 days, it will be considered a truancy.

Note that excusable absences are only:

1. Personal illness: The school may require a doctor’s note. A doctor’s note is required for an absence of 5 or more days.

2. Quarantine in the home: Limited to the length fixed by county or city health officer.

3. Death of a relative: For attending a funeral – in state 1 day, out of state 3 days.

4. Medical appointment: (doctor’s note required)

5. School activity

6. In school suspension

7. Jury duty/Court Appearance

8. Short term independent study