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Report an Absence

Call the attendance office at (916) 395-5360 ext. 1 or fill out the form below. If no call is made or the online form is not used, a note is required to clear the absence. All absences will be verified.

To report/clear an absence the form below should be completed by a student’s parent or guardian. 

Please read the following options thoroughly and select the reason that best describes why your student was or will be absent. If the student will be out more than 3 days please request Independent Study information from office staff. If an absence is not cleared within 3 days, it will be considered a truancy.

THANK YOU for helping your student attend as often as possible in order to stay on track. Attendance MATTERS!

Student Information

Please select the date absent or if multiple days the first day absent.

If student was absent multiple days in a row, please select the last day absent.

Parent/Guardian or Authorized Caregiver Information
Absence Information

*MEDV Examples: asthma, seasonal allergies, strep throat; **HLTH Examples: physical injuries (broken bones, sports injuries, etc.), menstruation related symptoms, any mental health symptoms