Band Class FAQs


Do I have to practice my instrument in order to pass the class?

Yes, students are expected to practice. Your skills will not improve if you do not practice. In fact, a blank practice sheet cannot be turned in the teacher for your grade. Your grade is dependent on you practicing and keeping track of that time spent practicing.

Do I have to turn in a practice sheet?

Yes, if you would like a grade in this class. The practice sheet provides a means for assessing the students’ improvement in playing their instrument.  Your grade is dependent on you practicing and keeping track of that time spent practicing.

What happens if I damage or break my instrument that I borrowed from Sam Brannan Middle School?

If you break your instrument, you need to let Mr. Hammond know at the beginning of class. Bring the instrument to class so it can be assessed and repaired.

What is a play test?

Play tests are opportunities for the teacher to assess the student’s playing skills, and how much students are improving (or practicing). A student will play a selected passage in front of the class. It may be a little scary the first time, but it gets easier and the other students are rooting for you.

When do play tests take place?

Play tests take place once a week. Not every student plays during the play test each week, due to the time constraints of the class period. Students can be randomly selected or volunteer to take the play test.

How is my grade determined?

Student grades are determined by how they perform during the play tests, how much they practice (as reflected on the student play chart) and by their participation in band concerts. Students who miss a band performance will lose one letter grade. Performances are an integral part of the band experience.

What do we do on the Disneyland trip?

The primary reason for the Disneyland trip is the music competition. The band plays a short concert for a panel of judges and is rated on their poise, how well directions are followed, and of course how they play and sound. As an added bonus, the band students enjoy spending time at Disneyland and another Southern California theme park.

Do I need to provide any equipment or accessories for band?

Students are supported with all the supplies they need, so long as they are using them respectively, and ask permission of course.

Can I get valve oil?

Sure, once class is done a student can get valve oil from the desk.

Can I have a new reed, mine is cracked?

Students should get a new reed from the desk drawer.

Can I have a tissue?

Of course, students need to come to the front of the room and get it themselves.

Can I use the restroom?

Hurry up. Bring a music stand, as it is your hall pass.

How do I contact Mr. Hammond?

If you need to speak to Mr. Hammond, please do so in person or by email. Voicemail is not an option.