Elective Courses



In this course, we learn how to draw, analyze comics and cartoons, and study Japan’s history and culture. Don’t worry if you think you can’t draw. We WILL teach you how! We promise!

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This course is designed to give the student an enriching and diverse instrumental music education. This class provides a number of performance opportunities for the student in a variety of settings, including Disneyland. The daily objective of the course is to foster and promote musical growth through the playing of an instrument by the student. As a member of the band program, group effort and cooperation is necessary to a successful program. Band is a skilled effort in which each students expected to show technical and musical growth throughout this course.

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College & Career Ready Labs

This course engages students in authentic problem-based learning experiences as they discover their interests and aptitudes. College & Career Ready Labs prepares students for the rigors of high school and college academics. Students will learn team work by working together with hands-on projects. They will also engage in career explorations. ​

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Yearbook is a year-long class that gives students marketable experience in print media publishing. Our goal is to create, publish, and sell a yearbook.

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